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I’ve written this explanation at least a hundred times this week. Trying to figure out how to explain this song and what’s been going on with me lately cause I know y’all can tell something is wrong.

I’m human. I make mistakes and I deal with many demons. From being bullied growing up, to struggling with self worth, to trying to figure out my purpose in life, to not accepting that people want to actually care and love me for me. I’ve done nothing but push people away for many, many years because of this.

But that’s not the real me. I’m an extrovert trapped in the body and mindset of an introvert. I want to express my true self to the world. I’m raw and real. Full of passion, love, grit, toughness, pain, sorrow, determination and heart.

I express my emotions and true feelings through my music because it’s the only way I’ve know how for the longest time. I feel safe and confident in my music. I want to impact people with my music because it makes me feel like I’m actually wanted by someone.

Only a few people will know the story and person behind this song, most don’t. Maybe someday I’ll be able to share the full story but for now I’m just going to let the song speak for itself.

I don’t care if this shit goes viral or if I get laughed at for this. I just hope that someone hears this and it helps them like it helps me. I hope to make a difference.

To anyone reading this, I appreciate you. Thanks for investing time into me as an artist, friend and human. I’m taking a break from social media for awhile and going away to relax. I’ll be back soon and I will be stronger than ever before.

Please listen to the words of this song and take them to heart. They are true feelings from deep within my heart. -Jesse

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