I love to be a little unpredictable sometimes. I love to have the freedom in my music career to follow a gut feeling and take a chance on doing something different every once in a while.

This wasn’t even a thought until a couple days ago. Better yet, the song I was going to release isn’t the same one I ended up putting out there. There’s that unpredictability again! Let me try to explain a little bit.

I had zero plans of putting out any new music until 2020. I’ve been working on stuff in the studio and I am really excited about that. Actually, over the moon excited about it. However, I got a wild hair the other night and started thinking. I posted a video of me playing a brand new song just to see what people thought and the reaction blew me away. It showed me that you want new music. You want music that is true and not forced. You want to hear the songs that I have hiding on a computer drive somewhere, tucked away to possibly never see the light of day ever.

I had toyed around with the idea of releasing something kind of raw just for the fun of it. Then the reaction I got to my social media video sealed it. Fast forward to yesterday; I intended to just do a very rough recording of me and a guitar with a brand new song I had written. One that was kinda depressing and dark and reflected some of the struggles I’ve had as of late. Then, I got to listening to other demos and it became very clear that this song was the one that needed to be heard instead.

One year ago today, I did something very similar to this. I released a special song called “To The Grave” for a special person in my life. If you haven’t heard that song or you need a refresh, go check it out: CLICK HERE

This song has actually been sitting in my vault for almost two years. Written right after I met this same person. I was scared of the song then for whatever reason. But, I think it’s time to let the world hear it.

I produced this. I played all the instruments. I mixed this song myself. There’s no auto tune. No polish. No shine. Just me, a guitar and a song. Raw and real like I wanted it to be for you to hear.

It’ll be available on all major retailers to buy and stream soon if you choose.

For now, I hope you enjoy it below. Thank you for giving me the ability to release music freely when I want by supporting my journey. 2020 is going to be a big year and I can’t wait to share what is ahead. For now, enjoy something special from me to you.